About The Project

A Green Place for People to Live, Work and Play

Already underway, the Nicollet Project is creating a new, inviting, innovative and world-class space at the heart of downtown Minneapolis. The renovation will provide:

While Nicollet will continue to be a destination in itself, the new design will bolster the connections it provides to other popular locations – from the Mississippi River to the Chain of Lakes.

The renovation will create a greener, more open, better functioning and visually appealing space for Minnesota residents and visitors alike.

Live, work and play
Increased functionality on Nicollet will make downtown Minneapolis a more inviting destination for families, workers and tourists to live, work and play.


Public Art

Nicollet Project Artist Clock

Public artworks contribute to livability and vibrancy of Minneapolis, making art an important part of the Nicollet Project. As a part of the renovation, public art previously featured on the Mall is being removed, restored and relocated along the new Nicollet in 2017.

Additionally, the city has commissioned new artworks that complement the new design, and represent the diverse range of public artists of today’s generation.

Learn more about the art and the artists behind the pieces from Regina Flanagan, local artist, landscape architect, public art administrator.

Where’s Mary?

Fear not, our beloved Mary Tyler Moore statue is still on display for all to visit while the new Nicollet is under construction. Today, Mary can be found at the Minneapolis Visitor Information center on the corner of Nicollet and 5th Street.

How is this being funded?

Nicollet Project Fund Pie Chart

The public and private sectors have partnered on this key pedestrian connection since the early 1960s when the Nicollet Mall was created via Minnesota statute. Both sectors have contributed to the original mall, including its full reconstruction in 1989. This current rejuvenation calls for a continued public-private partnership, with notable private sector investment in recognition of the mall’s importance to the business community.

Ongoing maintenance of the new Nicollet will be financed by the private sector, via the successful Downtown Improvement District.