Revitalizing Minnesota’s Main Street

Block-by-block, the Nicollet Project is transforming the signature street of Downtown Minneapolis.

Enhanced greening combined with vibrant, pedestrian-friendly features will provide a richer experience for Downtown Minneapolis’ millions of workers, residents and visitors.

Led by the City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Downtown Council, the project is a key part of both the Downtown Council’s Intersections: The Downtown 2025 Plan and The Minneapolis Big Build.

This Week

  • Primarily working on the blocks from Grant St. to 5th St.
  • Work will continue on:
    • installation of storm sewers and removals into the winter months
    • additional underground work on foundations
  • Work on installing new street surfacing and sidewalks is complete for the season
  • Private utility work continues North of 5th Street


North Loop is becoming a urban hub of new thinking and mentality, and the spine that connects it all is most definitely Nicollet Mall.”

—Jacob Frey, City Council Member


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